Welcome to White Wolf Custom Software

White Wolf Custom Software(WWCS) is a custom software development consultancy headed by Jeffrey A. Irick. Our goal is to help you enhance your business by providing you with custom software applications designed to increase the efficiency of your day to day operations, increase your web presence with custom designed websites and applications or by enhancing any existing software applications you may have to better serve your needs. Whether you're looking for single-user desktop applications, company-wide intranet or company-wide Internet aplications or public facing Internet applications, we are ready to serve you.

In addition, WWCS also has experience in the Internet Marketing and SEO arena and can help you increase your online presence, website traffic and customer acquisition as well as helping you with strategies to maintain profitable relationships with existing customers. The world of Internet business is much different than that of traditional "brick and mortar" business and WWCS has the expertise to help you succeed in the online world.

WWCS also offers custom FOREX(currency trading) tool development as well as commercial applications developed by us based on the MetaTrader trading platform for the FOREX market. In addition to tools created specifically for the Metrader platform we also offer .NET based commercial trading utility tools developed by us as well as custom tool development on request. All FOREX tools that we offer for sale are tools developed for our own trading efforts that have proven themselves to be effective for us or are third party tools that we have demoed and consider to live up to their claims. If it isn't a tool that we would use in our trading we won't offer it for sale to you. We develop scripts, indicators and expert advisors.

Note: The expert advisors we develop are for trade management only and are NOT automated trading bots. We don't develop trading bots because we don't feel that they are reliable. If you request such we will develop it for you with the understanding that we cannot guarantee that it will be successful. We will implement the strategy you request and the success or failure of that strategy will rest with you and you alone. All we can guarantee is that the bot you request will implement the strategy you outline.

YOUR satisfaction is our priority.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.